Why Choose MathematiCUSE?

We take the hard work out of finding a great math tutor and we only hire the best.   Each tutor must pass a math assessment, an interview, a background check and a tutoring audition.  This ensures our tutors are experts in K-12 mathematics, and that they can relate well to students.  In the tutoring audition we observe each candidate as they work with a student for a trial tutoring session.

Here at MathematiCUSE, we trust our tutors and can create a customized experience for you.  Tell us your goals! There is no one size fits all approach.  We are a small, locally owned business, with no extra fees, contracts or commitments.  Just plain and simple math tutoring when you need it!

Do Math.  Learn Math.  Love Math.

8240 Cazenovia Rd #110, Manlius, NY 13104

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