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Elementary Students

We use several great curriculums for elementary students, Beast Academy and Singapore Math!

They are both rigorous and engaging curriculums .  You can read more about them below. 

We supplement these curriculums with other work as needed and can reinforce concepts that students are currently working on in school as well. We like to incorporate games, puzzles and problem solving activities when possible to keep learning math fun!  We are always adding new resources to help best fit the needs of all students.


3o minute sessions are available for our youngest students.   


About Beast Academy:


“Beast Academy teaches kids how to think critically and understand the concepts behind the math calculations they’re performing. Figuring out interesting problems and solving puzzles makes challenging math fun. Beast Academy shows young learners what it’s like to enjoy math and understand it on a deeper level by letting them approach mathematical concepts the way that mathematicians do. If students get every problem right on the first try, they’re probably working on material that’s too easy. Challenging problems and puzzles in Beast Academy foster flexibility and perseverance, helping students develop the skills needed to tackle tough problems in any discipline.”


For more information on the curriculum, you can check it out here: 


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About Singapore Math:


“Singapore consistently ranks at the top in international math testing. The intentional progression of concepts in the Singapore math approach instills a deep understanding of mathematics (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract).  The Singapore math method is focused on mastery.  Instead of pushing through rote memorization, students learn to think mathematically and rely on the depth of knowledge gained in previous lessons.

In typical U.S. math programs, students get a worked example, then solve problems that very closely follow that example, repeating all the same steps with different numbers.  In Singapore math, students must think through concepts and apply them in new ways from the very start. Since they can’t rely on simple replication, students are pushed to greater engagement and broader thinking.

Singapore math not only helps students become more successful problem solvers, it helps them gain a sense of confidence and resourcefulness because it insists on conceptual depth. This naturally prepares students to excel in more advanced math.


For more information on the curriculum, you can check it out here: 


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