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Enrichment Workshops


Math Enrichment Workshops are focused on problem solving. Problem solving is a learned skill and students may need many experiences to develop their reasoning skills, strategies and perseverance to be successful.  Students will be given opportunities to work on non-routine problems that will challenge them and nurture deep thinking. The problems given will build confidence, curiosity, self-reliance, and persistence.  We want to help build students’ “mathematical stamina.”  Too often students give up too quickly when presented with something they think they don’t know how to do.  These workshops will allow students to struggle with problems, get comfortable with not knowing and will create excitement around math and problem solving.   Students should come ready to work, be pushed outside of their comfort zone and most importantly, have fun!

Please check our schedule for dates and times and to sign up!

Cost: $30

*Enrichment Workshops are also included in Monthly Memberships.

Elementary Math Curriculum

We use a great curriculum for elementary students called Beast Academy! It is a rigorous curriculum that is engaging and fun.  


About Beast Academy:


“Beast Academy teaches kids how to think critically and understand the concepts behind the math calculations they’re performing. Figuring out interesting problems and solving puzzles makes challenging math fun. Beast Academy shows young learners what it’s like to enjoy math and understand it on a deeper level by letting them approach mathematical concepts the way that mathematicians do. If students get every problem right on the first try, they’re probably working on material that’s too easy. Challenging problems and puzzles in Beast Academy foster flexibility and perseverance, helping students develop the skills needed to tackle tough problems in any discipline.”


For more information on the curriculum, you can check it out here:



Students work through this program during our Math Lab hours.   Enjoy the flexibility of our Math Lab and come anytime we are open!  Students may come in once a week or purchase a monthly membership and drop in 2-3 times a week or more! Our monthly memberships include UNLIMITED visits to the Math Lab!


We also supplement this curriculum with other work as needed and can reinforce concepts that students are currently working on in school as well. 


Sibling discounts are available!

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