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SAT Prep

 SAT Math Study Group

Mondays 5:30-7:00

(July 1st- July 29th)

Thursdays 5:30-7:00

(August 15th and 22nd)

SAT Reading and Writing

Study Group

Tuesdays 4:30-6:00

(July 9th-August 20th)


Get ready for the SAT with our SAT Study Groups!  We believe the best way to prepare is by practicing. Join other students who are preparing for the same test.  This is a guided program where students will study and practice SAT questions. We will identify areas to study, assign problems, and be there to answer questions.  Our study groups help to promote both independent and collaborative study habits, while having extra support.


Students may sign up for ANY combination of Reading and Writing or Math Study Group sessions.   Students must sign up for each session individually.   Limited to 5

students per study group session.  

Why choose a Study Group over a traditional SAT prep class?


From the official College Board website:


“Research shows that students who study together learn 2.5 times as much as students

who study alone. Here are some of the reasons that studying in a group is so effective: 

     ·       Community. Your study group will unite around a common goal—to do your best on the SAT. 

     ·       Accountability. You won’t let teammates down because they’re counting on you

              to show up and stay focused. 

     ·       Support when you need it. The group will be there to help you get unstuck. 

     ·       Stress relief. Sharing a plan with others reduces test stress."

All practice tests and questions can found on the College Board website for free

(Students must bring laptop for this option.)



Students can purchase and bring their own review book:

The Official Digital SAT Study Guide from College Board 




1 Session: $70

4 Sessions: $275 

8 Sessions:  $525  

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